Sunday, March 22, 2009


This specimen was caught on a wall on campus at UCSD. It is a member of the family Libellulidae, and I searched for the genus-species, but it is such a large family that it would be difficult to identify without a key. The family Libellulidae is one of the largest dragonfly families, and is mostly found in the New World. The wingspan is approximately four inches, body length 2.5-3 inches.

Odonata; Anisoptera; Libellulidae;

The life cycle of dragonflies begins in ponds, where nymphs spend up to four years developing to the point where they are ready to metamorphose. They are significant pond predators, growing large enough to eat small fish. When they metamorphose, they emerge with wings and feed and search for mates. They are formidable aerial predators as well, with extremely good vision and speedy flight. Be careful when handling, as they may bite.

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  1. great am studying about this family now
    can u tell me something visible when i see it i can say this is the Libellulidae :)