Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Night Survey

I came across a sleeping Jerusalem Cricket earlier and somehow it didn't occur to me to take a picture, since I have that one posed and drying on the pinning board. Since they're nocturnal I thought I might look around outside and see if I came across any - as there are three at the bottom of our pool right now. I ended up running into different insects plus arthropods, gastropods, and salamanders. Below are the pictures - with quick general identifications.

Formicidae (Ants), Xystodesmidae (Millipede Family), Coleoptera (I have three specimens, will devote a later entry to more specific identification), Machilidae (Bristletails)

Machilidae, Xystodesmidae

Raphidophoridae (Camel Crickets), Pulmonata (Slugs, Snails)

Coleoptera, Forficula auricularia (European Earwig)

Carabidae?(Ground Beetle), Pulmonata, Anisolabididae (Ring-Legged Earwigs, male based on asymmetric pincers)

Pulmonata, Diplopoda (Millipedes, Class)

Forficula auricularia, Ensatina eschscholtzii (Monterey Ensatina)

Batrachoseps attenuatus (California Slender Salamander)

Pulmonata eggs, Araneae (Spider) eggs, Pulmonata

Agelenidae (Funnel-Web Spiders), Lumbricina (Earthworm)

Eventually I'll get around to keying the three Coleopterans, but at this point I still am rather busy with medical school. I should make it a habit to do night surveys - they're a lot of fun. Thanks to Phil for the salamander IDs - it pays to have a friend who knows herps and amphibians.

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