Thursday, April 9, 2009


The following insect is a member of the family Buprestidae of Coleoptera. Buprestids are metallic wood-boring beetles, and are usually less than 20 mm in length. They vary in color, including metallic green, copper, blue, or black, especially on their underside. The adults are attracted to dead or dying trees, while others live on foliage. There are approximately 762 species of Buprestids in North America. The larvae are serious pests and do damage to trees by boring into the bark. Most Buprestids fly to evade enemies, or they fold up their legs and play dead.

Coleoptera; Polyphaga; Buprestoidea; Buprestidae; Polycrestinae; Acmaeodera hepburnii
Common Name: Yellow-Marked Bupestrid, Spotted Flower Bupestrid

This species is mostly found in California, but may be found outside of California. It is approximately 12 mm long, and covered thickly in setae. It was found on a flower near a creek in San Diego, CA. Here is the pinned specimen, with slightly better definition on the color.

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