Sunday, April 26, 2009


Another insect seen while in Hawaii was this long-horn beetle, member of family Cerambycidae. Cerambycidae is a very large family, about 900 species occurring in North America. Long-horns are elongate and cylindrical, with long antennae; many beetles are brightly colored, and may reach lengths of 6 cm. Most adult cerambycids feed on flowers, and the larvae are very destructive, boring into freshly cut logs or weakened/dying trees and shrubs. There are eight subfamilies, and Cerambycinae is the family in which belongs the Hawaiian species below. This particular species is an invasive species in Hawaii and recently in Israel. Its origin appears to be the islands of the South Pacific, and it is found in Madagascar as well.

Coleoptera; Cerambycidae; Cerambycinae; Xystrocerini; Xystrocera globosa
Common Name: Two-lined Albizia Long-horn, Monkeypod Roundheaded Borer

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