Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The family Blattidae contains cockroaches with spines on the posterior ventral side of their middle and hind femurs and reach lengths over 18 mm. Also, the females have a longitudinally divided genital plate, and the males have slender, symmetrical styli. Within this family, there is one species called the Oriental Cockroach, which is the only one in the family where the adult has wings which do not completely cover the abdomen. It is a common pest in the United States, and this specimen was found by the beach.

Blattodea; Blattidae; Blatta orientalis
Common Name: Oriental Cockroach

They reach lengths of approximately 25 mm and the females are nearly wingless. They are also known as waterbugs, since they prefer dark moist places. They also prefer humid places, so San Diego is perfect for them. They are easily differentiated from German and American cockroaches by their shorter wings. They are larger than German cockroaches, and slightly smaller than American cockroaches. American cockroaches also have the ability to fly.

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