Thursday, May 21, 2009


These shots are of a beetle, family Cerambycidae, and most likely tribe Lepturini - without a key it is difficult to pinpoint the genus-species, since within the groups there is variable coloring. At any rate, it enjoys hanging out in flowers. The elytra are broadest at the base and narrowed near the apex. The larvae bore into the pith of flowers. The adults are often colored with yellow and black bands or stripes, but also orange, blue, green, red, and other bright colors. They are excellent fliers, and sometimes the last segment of the abdomen is exposed. Despite their larvae consuming flowers, the adults are probably important pollinators.

Coleoptera; Polyphaga; Chrysomeloidea; Cerambycidae; Lepturinae; Lepturini
Common Name: Flower Longhorn Beetle

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  1. My gosh, look at it;s long legs!