Monday, February 9, 2009

Caterpillar Update!

Well, the six caterpillars are happily munching on mint, basil, and grass. The grass I grabbed from their natural habitat, and the basil and mint from the aerogarden. It appears that they like both of those herbs, which are in the same family. I am not sure whether that is a coincidence, or whether these caterpillars prefer that family of plant. I am trying to track the period of time that the caterpillars spend as caterpillars and pupa. Based on the first post in this entry, the caterpillars were first seen the Saturday before my first entry, and they have had at least one molt since then. They were sufficiently large to have hatched at least 1 week prior, so I will estimate they hatched the Sunday before that Saturday, which was 25 January. As of 9 February, these caterpillars are 15 days old (young estimate). They have definitely molted at least once in the last two weeks - and maybe once before then.

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