Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have not had the chance to collect more insects, and I am somewhat sick right now so more new insects will not be for a while - however, I feel I must bring attention to the California state butterfly. Most people would assume it is one of the more commonly known butterflies, such as a Monarch, a Swallowtail, or a Painted Lady. Many states have the Monarch as their state butterfly, but California chose the Southern or California dogface butterfly. It is so named because on the males' fore wings, the silhouette resembles a dog, like a poodle or terrier. The larvae feed on false indigo.

Lepidoptera; Pieridae; Coliadinae; Coliadini; Zerene eurydice
Common name: California Dogface Butterfly

It is an interesting choice for a state butterfly, especially considering most people have never seen one. The females are very different looking, with the dorsal view of their wings being entirely yellow with a single dark eye spot on each fore wing.

In other news, it seems all the caterpillars have now molted their definite second time, and they are approximately 30 days old. Again, my estimates are on the small side because I did not catch them immediately after hatching. I need to collect more grass for them today - they're eating a lot faster and caterpillars are pretty picky eaters, as in they refuse to eat old food.

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