Monday, February 9, 2009


Here is an example of a bee of the family Megachilidae, which includes leaf-cutter bees, Mason bees, and carder bees.

Hymenoptera; Aculeata; Anthophila (Apoidea); Megachilidae;

Most of these bees are solitary, and very efficient pollinators. They drink nectar from plants, like most bees. Some are parasites of other bees, consuming nectar collected by other bees. One of the most common member of Megachilidae is the Leaf Cutter bee, seen above.  Still haven't found too many specimens of this type.


  1. Is your first photo, not actually an Apid, such as Andrena? I thought Megachilids only had two sub-costal cells.

  2. Looks like you're right, thanks - I'll correct that!

  3. Pleasure. Nice blog, I see you're 'tidying-up' your collection and keying. In the UK it's now autumn and the insects out there are thin on the ground, though beating evergreens is productive. Current topic? Collecting+micro-pinning 3mm leafhoppers! Dissecting is getting easier.

    Good luck with med school.