Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have decided to devote a blog to my entomology hobby - I collect, photograph (amateur), identify, and research insects. I also love spiders, so I may feature them occasionally, but the main emphasis is on insects. I will include common name and scientific name to family, possibly to genus/species if I have the time.

To preface, I may be doing some research on the side in the entomology field, most likely related to ants (Formicidae) or yellow jackets (Vespidae). Hopefully this blog will interest a few, but primarily it is for the purpose of recording my insect collecting! I will not bore with insects I have collected in the past, but every new insect will have its own entry! And I will update regarding my work at the university or insect trends. I am based in California so the insect population is not unusually diverse, but there are plenty to sate my curiosity!

Diptera; Brachycera; Asilomorpha; Empidoidea; Empididae;

These flies are often found in annoying swarms. This specimen is approximately 5mm long. When you think you're walking through a swarm of "gnats" you may be walking through a swarm of Empididae, or dagger/dance/balloon flies. Historically, evidence in amber has placed the family Empididae as far back as the Cretaceous.

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